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JCB is registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facility. Registration with the Food and Drug Administration for compounding pharmacies is voluntary and all registered facilities are subject to FDA inspections.

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MIAMI – Fagron North America, a leading supplier of compounded medications to hospital pharmacies and patients, will open one of the largest 503B human drug outsourcing facilities in the U.S. in November ― utilizing automation not yet seen in the nation’s sterile compounding industry. Read more.....



A Formula for Better Sterile Compounding

JCB Laboratories is a FDA-registered 503B Human Drug Outsourcing Facility.  JCB prepares sterile compounded preparations for ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and dialysis clinics with a specialty in pain, ophthalmic and drug shortage preparations. 

JCB is much more than just a supplier of sterile compounded products.  The clinical pharmacists at JCB Laboratories also provide guidance to their clients on the proper handling of sterile products, regulatory requirements regarding sterile products, and clinical expertise in the use of the products they prepare.

JCB pharmacists and staff are available to answer your questions, anytime!  We are here to help you with timely answers to formulation questions, product availability, clinical assistance and anything else related to sterile injectable products.

JCB products are compounded according to cGMP guidelines using raw materials from FDA-registered suppliers and manufacturers.  Formulations are controlled and verified prior to compounding, and ingredients are barcoded and photo verified.

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